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Why are services in mechanical and plant engineering important?

The lifetime of industrial machines is not unlimited. Over time and with a high utilization rate, the efficiency and effectiveness of the facilities are reduced. This can lead to reduced production and sales volumes. The disadvantages resulting from this are non-compliance with delivery dates, customer churn and loss of image. These losses are monetary losses, which, in turn, can bring late revenues, reduction in earnings or even compensation payments, as well as contractual penalties.

These negative consequences can be avoided by carrying out regular and competent maintenance. The new acquisition and the associated high investment costs can be delayed. The downtime can be reduced or even totally avoided. Timely inspection allows detecting numerous sources of interference, which can cause immense repair costs.

In order to ensure that you can continue to benefit from our services and better planning in the future, we offer you our maintenance services in form of a maintenance contract exactly tailored to your facilities. Your facilities will be inspected by our service staff and the result of each maintenance will be recorded in a documented checklist.

What are the advantages of a maintenance contract?

• professional support and competence of the manufacturer
• operational safety
• relief of own employees
• availability of spare parts
• financial guarantee through fixed maintenance flat rate
• accounting benefits
• determination of machine and facility safety by an external, independent company
• & more

Overview of our services:

• assembly and commissioning of our machines and facilities
• training measures for our customers’ operators
• organisation of transport
• assembly and dismantling of machines and facilities
• maintenance services
• repair service including on-site analysis and emergency maintenance
• supply of spare parts
• spare parts production and production of special parts according to customer requirements
• modernization and technical upgrade of the old machines and facilities (retrofit)
• machine relocations

Please let us know about your requirements and expectations.


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