Machine Autoclave Cutting Sterilisator

The machines of the MACS series are the on-site solution that transforms infectious hospital waste into normal household waste in minutes, so that medical waste does not have to travel long distances for disposal. We have been on the market with our sterilization systems since 2008 and can boast extensive know-how and references. This ensures high process reliability and availability of the machine(s). The work is carried out according to a certified process by the Robert Koch Institute and meets the WHO standard.


• sterilization and shredding in one step
• volume reduction up to 70%; in the fluid program up to 97%
• no use of toxic chemicals
• different sizes for customer-oriented and highly efficient solutions
• easy installation on site thanks to plug & play as well as simple operation of the machine(s)
• only 3 media connections for electricity, water and waste water are required

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