Special Machine and Plant Construction

ERMAFA’s division „special machines“ develops new plants based on customer requirements especially for plastic and rubber industry.
With the aid of a well-equipped production, experienced mechatronic technicians and in-house engineers all of your demands, from construction to service, will be served by our own staff. As a result we are able to warrant high-quality standards and delivery dates. Besides our stock range of products we develop special machines together with customers based on functional specifications.
Not only new plants are planed and realized in the “special machines” division, but also old plants which get overhauled and upgraded to new safety standards. Furthermore ERMAFA provides inspections, launch support and even production assistance. Our work is oriented on project managers, that means that you have the same contact person from order to service. With the help of a ‘smart flow’ inside the company, which is constantly being improved, you will get offered an exceptional interesting cost-benefit ratio.


We assume the turnkey planning and realization of your factory.

Our project manager will be your contact person, from the first call on to the support of your working plant.
We plan and realize your factory in sequenced steps so you get a maximum of transparency and voice.

Our offer as a general planner includes:

– joint development of tasks and functional specifications
– preliminary and design planning in different varieties
– implementation planning
– bid solicitation and award proposal
– construction management and monitoring
– preparation of revised planning documentations
– project management including control of deadlines, costs and quality

As a general contractor we ensure you planning and realization of your factory out of one source, that means we are responsible for order, on scheduled delivery, assembling and start-up of the technical equipment. Upon request we can realize the whole structure including medium supply and removal. For that entire spectrum we guarantee fixed prices and appointments. Your factory can be built from scratch on a green meadow or being completely reconstructed out of a consisting factory during ongoing production. In 35 years we collected extensive experience while global references plead for our work to your benefits.

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  • Dipl.-Ing. 

    Lutz Rosenlöcher


    Phone +49 371 334281150
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  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) 

    Ralf Proksch

    Head of Factory Planning and R&D

    Phone +49 371 334281164
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  • B.Sc. 

    Anastasia Mukstadt

    Customer Service Special Purpose Machines

    Phone +49 371334281-284
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  • B. Sc. 

    Igor Taraschuk

    Project Manager / Factory Designer

    Phone +49 371 334 281 165
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